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Grow Fruit Trees in Your Garden

Fruit trees are great elements for the garden. It will not only provide you healthy crops all through the years, but will also add beauty to your outdoor landscape. You can grow fruit trees in your garden and harvest healthy and untreated crops to eat, sell and bake. How to enjoy these benefits? Here are some simple advices on how to grow your own fruit-bearing trees.


Plant trees in open sunny spaces of the garden. Many fruit bearing trees can be planted in any type of soil. Plant them the normal way. Make your own compost and place in the seeds. For the water supply, be very careful in watering the plant especially in its early stages. Do not overwater or underwater the plant.


Although you’ve planted the seed in the composted soil, it is still best to make use of fertilizer. The fertilizer will balance the nutrients needed by the plant. Do not forget to water the plant especially in summer season. Cultivate and add organic compost like Mulch to provide nutrients to the roots and preserve moisture of soil. Mulch also prevents the growth of weeds and grass.


Pruning encourages the revival of wood that produces good quality fruits. Pruning also manages the tree’s height and allows the light to enter the tree. During the early stage of growth, the goal is to develop the framework of the plant to support the growth of heavy fruit crops. In removing dead and unhealthy parts, always cut through the healthy portion below the dead section. Make large slanted cuts to protect the plant against pests.

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