24 March 2014 ~ Comments Off on Hawker Centres Upgrading Programme

Hawker Centres Upgrading Programme


Singaporeans who are fond of hawker foods were pleased to know that two hawker centres located at Holland Drive and Tanjong Pagar reopened on January 1, 2014 after undergoing Hawker Centres Upgrading Programme (HUP) for ten months. The National Environment Agency (NEA) spearheaded the upgrading to increase customer satisfaction.

The government realized that the early generation hawker centres need upgrading to raise its condition. Truth be told, the republic launched the HUP that costs S$420 million in 2001. The upgrading covers:


  • Replacement of Stools and Tables – The stools and tables of some hawker centres are faded and worn. The upgrade will replace the stools and tables. This will surely entice more patrons. They will be more comfortable.
  • Upgrade of Toilet Facilities – There are patrons who will evaluate a place based on its toilets. The HUP will cover upgrading of toilets. The toilet facilities should be cleaned so patrons will consider the place next time.
  • Replacement of Pipes – Part of the upgrade is the replacement of water pipes, sewer and other sanitary pipes. This will make the centres more clean and hygienic.
  • Re-Roofing – Re-roofing is also considered if it is necessary. If the roof is worn, it needs replacement but if it is still sturdy, it can be recycled.
  • Re-Wiring – Wiring is important. If the wirings are torn and worn out, accidents happen. Staffs or patrons may suffer electrocution. Sometimes it can cause fire too. Re-wiring is a total necessity.
  • Improve Ventilation – Hawker centres should improve their ventilation system. The government will install mechanical exhaust system to take care of the circulation of air.

There have been 106 upgraded hawker centres since 2001. There is no doubt that Singaporeans love hawker centres. The government is willing to spend so much for its upgrade. The authentic style and taste of hawker foods appeal to Singaporeans, tourists and the foreigners.

If you are craving for hawker foods, you should head directly to the nearest hawker centre. If you are worried about its sanitation and ambiance, do not be. It is completely safe. Enjoy the food!



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