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Healthcare Services and Facilities in Singapore

Singapore has one of the best healthcare services and facilities in the region and around the world. In fact, according to the IMD World Competitiveness (Yearbook 2009), we are the 4th best healthcare infrastructure in the world. WEF Global Competitiveness Report (2009-2010) mentioned that we are 7th highest in the world when it comes to life expectancy and 3rd lowest in the world when it comes to infant mortality. The MOH (Ministry of Health) is responsible for the strong foundation of healthcare systems. MOH primarily ensures the quality and affordability of basic medical services to all.


Singapore has many healthcare institutions comprising of private hospitals, public hospitals and specialty centres. These provide an absolute spectrum of services from dental to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). There are no perfect medical services but Singapore is doing its best to cater to all people and cure as many diseases with the help of healthcare services and facilities. Services and facilities include:

Primary healthcare services

This is offered by professionals like nurses and general practitioners. These professionals are the first reference of patients; the patients can then be referred to hospitals and medical specialists for more treatment and checks. There are about 18 polyclinics plus 2,400 private clinics all throughout the island.

Hospital services

Singapore has a total of eight public hospitals which are comprised of six general hospitals, one women and children’s hospital and one psychiatry hospital. These hospitals offer 24 hour emergency and inpatient and outpatient services. Aside from that, there are about six specialty centres (cancer, eye, cardiac, skin, dental and neuroscience).



ILTC (Intermediate and Long Term Care) refers to facilities for patients who do not need hospital care but still need continued care. It can be residential ILTC or community based ILTC. Residential ILTC are for people who have acute, chronic, terminally ill and ex mentally ill. The services that you can research from perfect medical sg comprise of community hospital, nursing homes, chronic hospitals and hospice and respite care. Community based ILTC are for frail elderly. The services comprise of doctor visits, nursing care, palliative care and many more.


There are public dental services which are accessible in a number of hospitals and polyclinics and the National Dental Centre. The HPB (Health Promotion Board) concentrates on pre-emptive dentistry especially to school pupils.


There are support services too. Support services refer to healthcare programmes and hospitals that offer blood transfusion services. In addition, support services also include pharmaceutical services and forensic pathology.



The healthcare services here are based on the Western medical science however there are groups that still consult to TCM practitioners. TCM is not only prevalent here but it interests that whole world. With this, the MOH is reviewing the practice of TCM here. This is for the benefit of patients who consider TCM practice.


MOH simply wants to ensure that services are delivered to all. There are many Statutory Acts (over 20) and policies that regulate public health as well as safety. MOH encourages the public to participate in the amendment and creation of new regulations to better the services. The public’s feedback can form part in the decision of the ministry.
Singapore is proud of its healthcare infrastructure. Though there are no perfect medical services, the government is doing its best to reduce and prevent diseases, making the healthcare accessible to everyone and promote health and wellness. It will be enough.

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