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How BBQ Catering Firms Prepare Barbecue Food

BBQ food not only tastes great, it also looks different from all traditional recipes, which is why BBQ catering is now a booming business in the country. The aroma of the brown and crisp meat from the outside while holding the juices inside and remaining soft is what attracts all the people to serve BBQ food and start their own BBQ wholesale business. In our country alone, more and more people are making use of barbeque recipes to add the flavor and glamour of the event they are celebrating. Realizing the great demand of the people, there are today dozens of  barbecue catering services in Singapore, a city state where there are two all-time favorite BBQ recipes, satay and otah.

How can one keep satay and otah away from the menu in BBQ catering?

Barbeque is a method of cooking food using burning charcoal and it is not any grilled food item or dish prepared in oven. BBQ food in bbq wholesale is prepared to turn the outside of meat surface brown and crispy like in satay. In a BBQ wholesale event, chunks of meat are placed on skewers that are grilled over fire to turn them brown and crispy and then served with peanut sauce. This is called satay and is a favorite breakfast barbecue food item in bbq singapore catering providers. Talking of otah, it is fish that has been spiced and grilled and finally served wrapped under banana leaves. Otah is also always present in BBQ catering, a popular BBQ food item that is normally served with rice. Most of BBQ wholesale shops prepare these dishes, and if you were to ask any of the dozens of BBQ catering services in the country, satay and otah remain popular as ever among BBQ recipes and no event is complete without these BBQ food items.

Though traditionally BBQ dishes are made of meats of different kinds such as chicken, mutton, pork, venison etc, these days it is common for BBQ wholesale to serve vegetarian bbq dishes at events suggesting growing number of vegetarians in the society. There are many vegetables that may be easily grilled for BBQ catering because of their water content. There are also potato and cheese that can be barbequed to turn brown and crisp while remaining soft from inside. Today there are scores of BBQ catering services that make available vegetarian BBQ dishes upon request for any party or event. If you are interested in BBQ recipes, the internet is a great source of hundreds of them including both non vegetarian and vegetarian recipes. You can also learn BBQ recipes from BBQ wholesale shops in the city of Singapore to decide on what you want to add to the menu for your party that you are planning.

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