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How to Sleep Comfortably at Night

Climate change is taking a toll. Singapore and other tropical countries now experience warmer and wetter climate. Temperatures rising and storms becoming frequent are a sign of intense weather conditions. According to Richard Corlett, an Ecologist, Singapore will become warmer “than anywhere on earth”. With that, the government is doing its best to alleviate the conditions.


What is the impact of warmer climate to Singaporeans? For one, you cannot go out often especially with the scorching heat. You cannot also sleep comfortably at night. If you have problems sleeping at night because you do not have an air conditioner, you can always consider other alternatives. You have to know that there are many ways to remain cool so you can sleep for the night. Here are some suggestions you will find helpful:

  • Open windows: The obvious alternative is to open your windows when you are about to sleep. If you open your windows, you are increasing air circulation. Do this when it is safe. If your neighbourhood is not that safe, forget about this alternative. Do not compromise the safety of your family.
  • Blow cold air: Another good alternative is to purchase commercial ice cubes and put it in a container. In front of the container with ice, put your fan. The fan will blow cold air. Just make sure to put enough ice to get you to sleep.
  • Wear socks: If you want an economical way, you can wear cold socks. You should know that the feet lovers the temperature of your skin and the whole of your body. Putting cold socks there will help you sleep. Just rinse your socks in cold water then wring them until they are moist. Wear them right away.


  • Take a bath: Before you go to sleep, you can take a bath so your body will be cool. If you cannot take a bath, just wet your face using a damp cloth. You can also wipe other body parts like arms.
  • Sleep on a bamboo mat: If you really cannot sleep, you can consider sleeping on a bamboo mat. This is the traditional way of sleeping coolly. Bamboo mats do not retain heat and they can be comfortable all night long. These mats are inexpensive and readily available anywhere.

Avoid using air conditioners because they are one of the culprits of climate change. You will eventually find something that will work for you. You need to sleep to regain your strength. Sleeping should not be that difficult.


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