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How to Wash Your Hair the Right Way


Yes, you do it almost every day, but here’s what you should know: you’re probably washing your hair the wrong way. If you’re used to simple shampooing and conditioning routine, you might be hindering your hair from reaching its full potential. Using the right technique of washing your tresses makes a world of difference in keeping your mane strong, shiny and bouncy.


  1. Start by Wetting the Hair

Wetting the hair loosens up dirt, excess oil and product build-up, and it’s also essential for a richer lather of the shampoo. If possible, use warm or hot water to help open hair cuticles and make removing of dirt and product build up easier.

  1. For Longer Hair, Condition First

Yes, condition the ends first! If your hair reaches below your shoulders, protect the fragile ends of your strands from drying out by running a small amount of conditioner through them and then rinsing them out. This ensures that the ends are kept healthy and moisturize before shampooing.

  1. Focus Shampooing at the Scalp

Oil is produced at the roots of your hair, so make sure to lather up there first. Lather up at the hairline, and gently massage back towards the back of your head. No need to focus lathering on the ends; it’s enough to simply rinse it through them.


  1. Rinse Shampoo Thoroughly

If possible rinse the shampoo twice—or even thrice if you have thick hair. Your conditioner can’t do its job if you have leftover shampoo on your hair. When rinsing, focus on the back of your head and towards the nape to make sure all shampoo residue are rinsed off. Wring your hair thoroughly to get rid of excess water and so as not to dilute your conditioner.

  1. Condition From Mid-Lengths to the Ends

Your scalp doesn’t need more conditioning since the natural oil is more concentrated up there, so start applying condition from mid-lengths to the ends of your mane. Afterwards, clip your hair up and finish showering. Let your hair be soaked in the conditioner by leaving out the rinsing step at the end of your shower. The longer the conditioner stays, the better.

  1. Finish With Cold Rinse

Cold water shuts the hair cuticle tight, sealing the conditioning effects of your conditioner and making your hair look shinier.

Your hair is your crowning glory, that’s why it’s important to take extra care of them. Now that you know how to wash your hair like a pro, you can enjoy that bouncy, shiny and healthy hair.


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