04 August 2014 ~ Comments Off on Laser Lights and Aviation Safety

Laser Lights and Aviation Safety

The number of people using laser lights rose here in Singapore. The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) warned the people that laser lights can endanger aircrafts. The agency warned those who use laser lights that if it strikes into the cockpit, it can cause confusion or distraction for pilots. In severe cases, it can cause temporary blindness to the pilots.


Changi Airport handles hundreds of landings and take-offs every day. It is therefore important to ensure the safety of the passengers and the crew. The offenders can be fined S$20,000 to S$40,000; they can also face 15 months of jail time. This is according to the Singapore Air Navigation Order.

If you are thinking of reducing the hazard, pilots and other aircrew can consider the following measures:


  • Laser safety goggles: There is such thing as laser safety goggles. These goggles are made in the lab. Although there are studies that question the efficacy of laser safety goggles, the fact remains that it can be a big help.
  • Glare shields: Pilots can simply rely on glare shields. These shields act like your window’s blinder. It can be pulled down (in the windscreen) which can significantly reduce the incoming lights.
  • Smart goggles: Smart goggles have the power to detect laser lights. When it detects laser lights, it will immediately activate the dimming or blocking.
  • Laser detectors: Laser detectors can be a good help. It can record the illumination. It will not do anything except record. The information can then be used for later references.

You should care about this especially if you are constantly travelling. Apart from the order issued by the government, establishments should also refrain from selling laser lights.


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