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Microsoft Uses Office Software to Attract Users

The Microsoft Corporation is going through great lengths in order to attract more mobile users. On June 29, it was reported that Microsoft will be making MS Office software such as MS Word, Powerpoint and Excel free on Android tablets. This is only one of the many marketing strategies the company is making in order to encourage more people to switch to Microsoft mobile devices using their software.

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The technology giant also released a new app that will make Outlook, their popular program for managing and sending emails, available for iPhone and iPad users. As of present, Microsoft is only third of the top mobile companies in the world, falling behind Apple and Google so the company CEO Satya Nadella is exhausting every marketing strategy to catch up.

On March of 2014, Nadella released a free version of MS Office for iPad that’s also touch-friendly. This caused a big buzz among the technology community because the said software became available for iPad before it was made available for Windows mobile devices.


Microsoft hopes to establish a large base of users using Office apps in Apple and Android devices so that it will be easier for these users to be persuaded to sign up for Microsoft Office 365, a version of Office that is Internet-based and has a subscription fee of $7 a month for personal users.

Microsoft Office apps are also now available in the Google Play app store. The company is hoping it will get positive results similar to the success of Office apps in Apple devices, garnering a total of 80 million downloads since March.


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