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Modern Applications of Laser Technology

The advent of laser made many things possible. With its numerous applications, the world became better. Before tackling the applications of laser technology, it is important that you know basic things about it. Laser is derived from the acronym “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. It was Arthur Leonard Schawlow and Charles Hard Townes who provided the theoretical framework but it was Theodore Maiman who made it possible in 1960.


Laser is a well-known device that has the capacity to release coherent light. Since its invention, laser technology proved to be helpful in many fields and industries. The applications include:

  • Scientific: The good news is that lasers are used in different scientific ways. For example, lasers can be used for atmospheric remote sensing as well as many holographic techniques. It does not end there because lasers can also be used in spectroscopy. Take Raman spectroscopy for instance, the laser can help chemists in drawing a fingerprint to identify molecules. Other applications in scientific field include heat treatment, photochemistry, laser cooling, microscopy and nuclear fusion.


  • Military: The military also proved that laser technology is helpful in their pursuit of safety and security. Lasers can be used as an energy weapon. The energy weapons are created inside Boeing 747 which aims to extinguish short or intermediate range ballistic missiles. There’s another type of laser that is capable of disorienting the person. As if it is not enough, laser that can guide a missile to their target.


  • Medical: Lasers are proliferating in the field of medicine. In cosmetic surgery for instance, the person can now wish to remove tattoos, stretch marks, scars and other things with the use of laser technology. Other medical applications include refractive, eye surgery and soft tissue surgery. Doctors also use laser as scalpel for general surgeries, laparoscopic, urology and gynaecological. Lasers proved to be helpful in dentistry as well.


  • Commercial and industrial: Sometimes, you do not know it but lasers are present in your daily life. Lasers are used in soldering and plastic welding. It can also be used in cutting, marking, drilling, pointer, readers, peening, scanners, alignment and many more.


  • Entertainment: Laser lighting are essential for music concerts.


  • Construction: In construction, lasers are important to level the horizontal plane. You see surveyors with their tripod. This is to compare the elevations of different points in a given terrain.

Here in Singapore, you use the technology every day. With its help, you already accomplished and will accomplish many things in the future.


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