07 August 2014 ~ Comments Off on Motives for Cybercrime

Motives for Cybercrime

Cybercriminals dominate the cyber world. These people are only determined to take advantage of other people or organizations. Singapore government is warning all companies to be wary of cybercriminals. Cybercriminals target organizations, companies or private sectors that they think they will gain a lot. Whether you belong to a company or you work alone here in Singapore, it is important that you learn how to defend your site.


Before you fortify your defences, it is crucial that you understand the motives of cybercriminals. Here’s an idea:

  • Money: Money is undoubtedly the primary motive of cybercriminals. Most cybercriminals seek to make financial profit out of their actions. Money is a good motivation.
  • Emotion: If the criminal goes after his/her emotion, it is the most destructive one. When they burst out, they do not care whether they will profit or not. They only care to hurt an organization, company of the individual.


  • Sexual urges: Sexual urges belong to emotion but it is stronger and some of these criminals are the violent ones. These people are exploiting the sexual impulses of other people and use it for profit or to stir emotions from the subject.
  • Politics/religion:  Politics or religion is also closely related to emotion. People are very emotional when their beliefs (politics and religion) are targeted. As a result, they commit terrible crimes in the name of their beliefs.
  • For fun: There are people who do not need money, mentally stable and financially able yet they still commit cybercrimes. These people only do this for fun. They do not care who will be affected as long as they are happy.

Now that you know the motives behind the minds of cybercriminals, it is time that you put your defences and make it strong. For a start, you need to constantly change your password. You also need to contact your internet service provider if you suspect anything amiss.


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