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5 Foods That Shouldn’t Be Eaten Raw

Some foods can be consumed raw, while others require to be cooked. Meat, for the most part, should always be thoroughly cooked to reduce risks of salmonella. On the contrary, fruits and veggies can be consumed raw—as long as you wash them thoroughly.

When you eat certain foods—which require cooking—raw, your body will have a hard time breaking it down, causing diarrhea and constipation.

To avoid these unpleasant digestive problems, here are five foods that should never be eaten raw.

Bean Sprouts
Uncooked or undercooked bean sprouts are beaming with harmful bacteria, causing anyone who consumes the uncooked sprouts to get sick. Some nutritionists would even suggest that pregnant women, senior and children should steer clear from consuming dishes with sprouts. If you don’t have any complicated health condition and are not pregnant, you can consume sprouts as long as you wash and cook them properly.

Yes, this meal staple should never be eaten uncooked—or even half-cooked. Eating them raw can lead to bloating and gastrointestinal effects, because the starch in it is resistant to digestion. The only way to break down the starches is by cooking them thoroughly.

Kidney Beans
If you are to take a couple of few of these beans straight off the vine and consume them, not only will they taste gross but within a few hours, you will feel be nauseous and vomiting. The culprit? The kidney beans’ naturally toxic property called lectin. But if you cook them, they are as nutritious as your standard veggies.

Bitter Almonds
We always hear about ‘sweet almonds,’ and they are popular for great health reasons. Bitter almonds, on the other hand, are sweet almond’s evil counterpart. Though they are a variety of our favourite sweet almonds, they contain hydrocyanic acid—a hazardous combination of water and hydrogen cyanide. In fact, it only takes 70 pieces of this raw fruit to poison a full grown adult. Fortunately, they are safe to eat when cooked.

Perhaps, you’re thinking how can there be raw milk. It doesn’t make sense since you don’t cook milk. Surprisingly, there’s such thing as raw milk, and they can be poisonous to consume. Milk straight out of an animal, without undergoing pasteurization, contains harmful bacteria like salmonella and e.coli. According to FDA, raw milk is much more likely to cause foodborne diseases compared to other dairy foods.

Some raw foods naturally contain sugars and toxins that can be hard to digest, which can lead to gastrointestinal problems. Others host harmful bacteria that can lead to the development of diseases.

While you might think that you are able to preserve most of your veggies’ nutrients if you consume them raw or half-cooked, it is still best to follow your doctor’s advices for your diet and food intake, especially if you are someone with a complicated health condition.

5 Important Things to Know Before Adopting a Siberian Husky

Siberian huskies are beautiful dogs. With their captivating brown and blue eyes, fluffy fur and wolf-like appearance, it’s hard not to fall in love with these mammals. If you are thinking of adopting a Siberian husky as a pet, know that they need a bit more attention compared to other breeds of dogs. Before getting one, make sure you have thought of these important matters to ensure you are worthy to become a parent of these beautiful creatures.

1. They need a lot of exercise
Siberian huskies are naturally active. They have a ton of energy, so they need everyday exercise to discharge them, which make them great workout buddies. If you do not have enough yard space to let your pup run and play, go jogging or walking with him every morning.

2. They need cool environment
Siberian huskies can cope effortlessly in cool climate, but can be uncomfortable or even get ill in the heat. With Singapore’s climate, you will likely need to have a fully air-conditioned home to keep your husky comfortable at all times. Take them on a walk early in the morning or late in the afternoon, so they won’t get bushed under the heat of the sun.

3. They shed a lot
Due to their thick fur, huskies tend to shed a lot, especially when they are in warm environment. Twice every year, they spend more than a week shedding heavily. Plan on vacuuming the house more often, brushing your dog’s fur at least twice a day and be ready to share your home with fur everywhere.

4. They need someone to lead them
Siberian huskies have that natural instinct to follow a leader. And you need to be that leader, or else your dog will take the call. Training classes will help you establish that hierarchy between you and your dog. If you cannot provide clarity and consistency on your leadership, then a husky may not be the right dog to have.

5. They need more attention
Huskies are friendly, smart and playful doge, but they easily get bored. If you are often out of the house eight hours a day, perhaps another breed will suit the kind of lifestyle you have. Know that Siberian huskies are hyper and can become destructive when they do not get much activity. They also tend to howl very loudly when they are ignored. Because they make so much noise and have the tendency to rip off everything in your house, they are not meant to be always left alone in the house.

Now that you know the important points about Siberian huskies, be ready to enjoy a wonderful companion with these animals. These dogs are fun, loyal, playful and exasperating all at the same time.

Common Misconceptions About Chocolate

The history of chocolate isn’t as sweet as its taste. For a long time, it wasn’t even accessible to the masses. The ancient Mesoamericans who first brewed the chocolate drink called xocoatl believed that only the nobles should drink it. When it was introduced to Europe only the aristocrats could afford it because making chocolate was expensive.

There are a lot of misconceptions about chocolate especially its effect on health. These are some of the most popular.

Chocolate isn’t for diabetics
People with diabetes can still eat chocolate because it has a low glycemic index. Care should be taken, however, when choosing the type of chocolate. Ideally, dark chocolate is the best choice because it can improve your sensitivity to insulin. Eat in moderation and ask your doctor about adding chocolate to your diet.

Chocolate will ruin your teeth
Sugar alone isn’t the only culprit. The bacteria from any metabolized food can be a source of cavities. The product forms acid that can damage the enamel. Chocolate, however, doesn’t stay in the mouth because it’s made from natural fats. That means it comes into contact with your teeth for a short time. Even if you avoid chocolate, you will still have cavities if you don’t brush regularly.

Chocolate is junk food
Most chocolate bars are classified as candies. A lot of people think that eating chocolate is bad for the health. Chocolate, however, comes from the cacao plant. Most of the ingredients are considered healthy too such as milk and nuts. Dark chocolate is as beneficial as a glass of red wine because it has antioxidants, flavonoids, iron, magnesium, copper and zinc.

Chocolate can cause acne
Several studies show that this isn’t true. Acne is caused by an over-active sebum and bacteria. The cause is usually genetic, so even if you watch your diet carefully, that will not lessen your acne. Your meals will not affect the condition.

Chocolate has cholesterol
Your bad cholesterol level will not be affected by the stearic acid found in chocolate. Several studies show that this type of saturated fat can raise your good cholesterol levels instead. Just remember to eat in moderation. Doctors recommend not more than 3 ounces of chocolate, particularly, milk chocolate, everyday.

Chocolate has a lot of caffeine
Chocolate does have caffeine but not as much as coffee. If you eat less than an ounce and a half of chocolate, you will get as much caffeine as that found in a cup of decaffeinated coffee. Even dark chocolate with not more than 70% cocoa has less caffeine than coffee.

What to Look for in Gold Jewelry

Gold has never gone out of fashion even with the rise in popularity of the much cheaper silver jewelry. Gold is not as expensive as other gems like diamonds, so it’s a compromise between the two.

So how do you know you’re buying quality gold jewelry?

Gold Purity
Any piece of gold jewelry is measured in carats or karats. The highest quality gold is pure gold at 24 carats. It’s not used in jewelry because it’s not tough or hard. Most of the gold used in the earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces are gold alloys. The most commonly used metals used to make gold harder are zinc, silver, and nickel.

Take note of the following values:
24 carats is 100% gold
22 carats has 91.67% gold
18 carats has 75% gold
14 carats has 58.5% gold
12 carats has 50% gold
10 carats has 41.7% gold

European Markings
Sometimes you will also find numbers on the gold jewelry. These are also percentages indicating the how much gold was used to create the piece.

You will often find the following markings:
18 carats has a marking 750
15 carats has a marking 625
14 carats has a marking 585
10 carats has a marking 417

You might find a 9-carat or 375 gold in the market. This has a gold content of 37.5% and 62.5% of other metals. Some countries, however, don’t consider this a gold jewelry.

Hallmark or Trademark
Besides the markings mentioned above, an authentic piece must have an image of the maker’s trademark. It could be the place of origin or the name or logo of the company. Some countries require jewelers to hallmark their pieces so you should be aware of where the piece was made before buying. Some older pieces, however, like vintage jewelry don’t have markings. You will need to have the gold piece examined to make sure you’re buying authentic jewelry.

Some jewelers will tell you that gold jewelry is an investment because their value increases over time. This is only true, however for 18-carat and 22-carat gold pieces. Remember that whenever you purchase a new jewelry, the higher the carat is the more valuable the gold. The prices could vary depending on the demand in the market. Make sure that before purchasing, you must weigh the piece and examine the markings.

Other Labels
Some stores will sell you gold jewelry that are labeled “gold-plated,’ “gold-painted,” “bonded gold,” “gold filled,” “rolled gold,” or “gold-colored.” Remember that these are not the same as the gold and alloy jewelry with a carat and hallmark labels. Others will also sell you vermeil or gilded silver. This is sterling silver jewelry coated with gold. If you find the label “HGE” it means that the gold was joined to another metal by electroplating. “GF” stands for gold filled, which means the item has a gold layer on top of the base. “RGP” stands for rolled gold plate.

Gear Essentials for Soccer Games of All Kinds

Soccer (or also known as association football) remains to be the most popular sport across all Asian countries. As a matter of fact, it was in 1954 when the Asian Football Confederation was founded — paving way for overseas friendly tournaments and competitions like the AFC Asian Cup.

Countries such as South Korea, Japan, and Saudi Arabia has taken great heights in the field of Asian soccer. Nonetheless, most Asian countries undoubtedly enjoy the thrill of the sport may it be as one of the players or a mere supporter-spectator.

In general, soccer is regarded as a simple game with relatively little equipment needed to play. For a simple game among friends, you can almost wear anything to your comfort, but for more serious games you are rather obliged to follow the correct gear. It is important to have basic soccer gear in order to take the game experience to a whole new level and decrease the risk of sport-related injuries.

Soccer shoes
The right shoes for playing soccer depends primarily on the playing surface. If the game is played on a grass field, you might need shoes with sturdy cleats on them to allow firm grip on the surface. But when it comes to playing on artificial grass or other hard surfaces, you do not necessarily need the help of cleats. Shoes designed for indoor soccer games are generally ideal when playing on hard surfaces.

Sports socks
A reliable pair of soccer socks is also important in every game. It must be thick enough and also strong in order to prevent the feet from getting blisters. A number of players even go beyond and wear double pair of socks, just to decrease the friction of the shoes rubbing on one’s feet. The socks must also preferably be up to knee length to hold shin guards tight.

Protection gear
Gears like shin guards help protect your shins from cuts and massive impacts. They are strapped tight around your lower leg, as you are susceptible to sporting myriad injuries due to the intense nature of the sport. If you play as goalkeeper, however, you will also be required to use soccer gloves. These gloves allow you to have a better grip on the ball and protect your hands from ball-catching injuries.

Soccer ball
Always consider the weight and general feel of a soccer ball when you are choosing one to use for your game. Keep in mind that the ball suited to a beginner may be different to that of a professional player, and so talk to your supplier about the most suitable ball quality regarding your own circumstances.

Soccer clothing
For informal games played among friends, you can almost wear anything you want during play. However, if you are playing as an official member of a team, you will be required to wear the team’s official shirt along with a pair of shorts. Soccer shorts are ideal since it provides greater freedom for players to move around and helps them keep cool over the entire play.

Popular Sports in Singapore

Singaporeans enjoy plenty of sports as a way to both entertain themselves and get their bodies on the move. It’s not a surprise, then, to know how the city-state plays myriad of sports instead of focusing merely on one. May it be for recreation or for competition, this article will present a list of some of the most famous sports played in Singapore.

A lot of Singaporeans are invested in water-related endeavors, with swimming being one of the most notable activities. The country boasts of numerous awards and recognition in various swimming events such as the 2008 Summer Olympics and the Asian Games. It bears testament to the fact that a lot of Singaporeans possess an innate talent in swimming.

Singaporeans truly enjoy their fair share of water sports. It is through the players’ inclination to water-related activities that they have successfully established their skill and talent when it comes to sailing. They have also represented the country in a number of national and overseas sailing events such as the Youth Sailing World Championships and the SEA games.

Bodybuilding has rose to fame in Singapore over the last few years. With that, it has garnered ample attention and interest from a number of people. The sport has also won awards for the country; specifically at the Busan Asian Games, Asian Women’s bodybuilding Championships, and the World Bodybuilding Championships as well.

When it comes to the most popular sports played nationally, Basketball is deemed as one of the answer. Sectors, such as the Basketball Association of Singapore and the ActiveSG Basketball Academy, have been very keen on promoting the sport throughout the mainland since the early years of its inception. Their efforts have trained notable players, regardless. Singaporean basketball players have gained awards as they represented the country during overseas games.

Considered as one of the most played sport in Singapore, Badminton remains to be a popular recreational activity which can either be played indoors or even outdoors. When the weather is not suitable for playing the game outdoors, there are various places in the city-state which allow you to play the sport inside the court. Generally, Singapore is renowned for its badminton talents — successfully winning awards in international games such as the Japan Open Singles and the All-England Cup.

Table tennis
Table tennis is also one popular indoor game among many Singaporeans. As a matter of fact, there are a number of places scattered across the city-state to accommodate those who want to play and even teach you how to play the sport. National table tennis players also pride Singapore with awards during the Commonwealth Championship games held annually, most especially in singles and mixed doubles events.