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Preparations Before Undergoing Epi Lasik Surgery

Are you scheduled for LASIK eye surgery? Well, if yes, there are preparations that need to be observed in order to have a more successful operation. Actually, the Singapore Epi LASTIK surgeon is the one who will advise the patient about the things that should be done in preparation for the surgery procedure. As much as possible clarify the things that are not properly understood to be able to follow the given instruction carefully. Just to give idea regarding the preparation before the surgery procedure, some are written below.


Preparation few weeks prior to the LASIK surgery procedure.

Just the same, during consultation visit, the eyeglasses or the contact lenses must be removed. Once hard lenses are use, it should not be used for about one month prior to the scheduled procedure. If rigid lenses is used, then it should be worn for three before the date of the surgery. Once soft lenses is utilized, it should not be used two weeks before the operation.


Before the day of the surgery, contact or ask a family or a friend in Singapore to be with you during the operation. In case you are the one driving your car, ask for someone else to drive after the operation. It is because after the operation, the eyes will then be very sensitive and also sedative is used unto you during the procedure so you will definitely fee sleepy. In addition, the top Singapore LASIK surgery surgeon will not conduct the operation if you are not feeling well on that day. Before the scheduled operation continue searching about the procedure and ask the surgeon or the center about the things that you want to know. This will make you feel more comfortable.

Make sure to confirm the payment prior to the surgery operations. Most of the centers that conduct the Epi Lasik surgery in Singapore do not permit patients to undergo the surgery unless complete payment is done. Ask the surgeon about the recovery days, for you to know the days you are going to off from your work. Ask the exact days you are completely recovered and could do all your normal day-to-day activities.

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