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Requirements of Patients Undergoing LASIK Surgery

Having vision problems? Well, if yes, you might need to undergo LASIK eye surgery. However, this method is not for all. It is vital that patients must be good candidate for the operation. The patient needs to discuss things out with the surgeon as well as must went through different examinations in order to address issues related in becoming a good candidate.

The candidacy for the surgery will basically depend on the LASIK surgeon as well as the type of laser employed. A thorough eye examination done by ophthalmologist could aid to identify if the procedure is right for the patient. It is vital that these things are performed well to avoid complications during and after the surgery. The process will also ensure that the procedure will then be safe for the patient. There are set of criteria that patients undergoing Lasik surgery by a Singapore based doctor should meet.  Above all, the refractive error must be stable. Once the error is not stable and then the eye is still altering, the surgery will not be effective and must be repeated. Listed below are the qualifications of good candidate for LASIK eye surgery.

  • The candidate must be 18 year or above.  It is because at the age of 18 the eye is fully developed. However, people aging near 40 years must consider that the vision might be affected of the conditions that could not be treated by the surgery.
  • The candidate must have a stable vision for a minimum of one year. Generally, patients aging below 18 years are disqualified from the surgery. Few medications like Phenobarbitol, Tegretol and Dilantin might have fluctuating prescriptions. In general, the best candidates for the surgery are those who have stable refractive error.
  • The visual strength should meet the approved guidelines of the FDA.  The prescription for the distance vision matches certain nominal strength and the prescription strength should meet the set guidelines of the FDA for astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness. FDA does not permit patients having greater than +6.00 Hyperopia Diopters or -14.00 Myopia Diopters to undergo LASIk surgery procedure. Furthermore, patients having greater than 6.00 Astigmatism Diopters are ineligible based to the standards of the FDA. To those who are myopic having a prescribed -6.0 Diopters or greater than, the curvature will then be too sudden for safety within the creation of flap. Patients having serious refractive errors must consider other procedures like implants.
  • The candidate should not be nursing or pregnant. The hormonal changes could alter the refractive error, lessening or overturning the surgery effectiveness.
  • Patients from Singapore having autoimmune disorder are not good candidates for the surgery. Medical illness having compromise autoimmune system like fibromyalgia, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and many others that might affect the healing after the surgery.
  • Individual having eye disease is not a good candidate for LASIK procedure in Singapore. Eye disorder like dry eyes, glaucoma, cataracts, ocular herpes, diabetic retinopathy, keratoconus and retinal detachment might cause further harm or complications for surgery. Hence, it is vital to get free first from the condition for about a year or longer. People with refractive errors are not good candidate of the surgery. However, with the great advancement available for today, there are still other surgery that might still be applicable for them.
  • People who know and understand well the risk involve in having the procedure are good candidate. It is vital that patients must accept the possible results that procedure might offer to them.

These are the set criteria to identify if a certain individual is good candidate for LASIK eye surgery or not. As much as possible the set criteria are observe in order to have a safe procedure.

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