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Signs That You’re Doing Great As An Adult


“Adulting” can be very difficult to manage and it’s definitely one of the greatest challenges in life. Although, if you have already went through the tough times, then you might be in a place now much better than you think. Men and women in Singapore in their late 20s and early 30s, listed these seven signs to check if you’re in the right track and just doing great when it comes to being an adult.

  1. You treat yourself once in a while. If you’re an adult, you know when you’ve made it through stressful times and deserve to treat yourself. You think of ways on how to reward yourself, may it be a trip to the beach, an out of country adventure or buy anything you want and need. Sometimes adults tend to splurge since you only get the chance to treat yourself not that often.


  1. You eat healthy and maybe anything you want. You already know how to take care of yourself through eating healthy. You indulge yourself with nutritious food that you think could help fuel your mind and body. You also know that sometimes it’s okay to eat a box of pizza or three slices of chocolate cake.


  1. You are contented. Majority of adults are contented with what they have. Only those who are immature crave for more than what they have. Adults accept what they possess and they are fine with it.

  1. You know what you don’t want in life. When you reach this point in your life, you might still be unsure of what other things you want but pretty much know what you don’t want. These things will actually guide you into achieving your goals in the near future.


  1. You are independent. Independence is really one of the best signs of being an adult. You know how to support yourself and you no longer depend on your parents for financial support. Plus, you are your own happiness. You will no longer wait for other people to make you happy because you have already found that from within.


  1. You have identified your best friends. Unlike when we were just teenagers, we want everybody to be our friend. Nowadays, you make sure that you have a small, solid good set of friends who you know you can lean on during hard times. This dependable support group will be your best friends until you grow old.


  1. You don’t make the same mistakes twice. One mistake is enough for a wise adult. You will realize that you’re not a kid anymore and that mistakes should be learning grounds for you to improve and make yourself better. You are more intelligent when it comes to decision-making since you already know how things should be done through those mistakes.

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