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Singapore: Being a Journalist

In the media world, journalism is said to be one of the most exciting professions here in the country. However, this could be as challenging as you can imagine. This kind of career is not the same as writing articles though this is a simple write-up to compose. As said, challenges arise in this type of profession. On of these are the obstacles on how you are going to ask questions to your interviewee most especially when something terrible happened. Being a journalist is also like being a soldier,; you bring nothing, you will also gain nothing. Moreover, am9ng the hardest part of being in this type of career is that you will not be able to retreat once you are already in a particular location or situation.


Although it is tagged as a dangerous profession, many still continue because there are also things that might interest them. And this is about travel. This is only the bonus of being a journalist – to be able to tour around different places to write an article.


Usually, becoming a journalist needs a degree of formal education. This is to test the ability of an individual to solve problems on his own and live like he’s alone.  In this field, you will not now what will happen. Like for instance, you are assigned to a warzone. Typically, as a journalist, you Ned to see things so that you will be able to write down factual information so that people can prepare or at least know what to do next.


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