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Singaporean Fashion

Clothing around the world may differ from head to toe with the influence of culture, art, music, and many other factors which prompt the evolution of fashion. Singapore may be a bit confusing because although the heaviest influence around comes from China, the British influence is also very strong nonetheless. Known as one of the most diverse countries in Asia, Singapore is home to many different cultures which also means that Singapore is home to many different fashion styles.

Why is this so? Well, just like every other country, fashion is greatly influenced by cultures and subcultures like for example the athletic style and the artistic type. The athletic type would go for clothing based on how it makes them feel or how their clothes can improve their performance while the artistic type on the other hand goes for a very complex but sophisticated clothing.

Sometimes the subcultures tend to influence fashion even greater than the main cultures itself which is very true in Singapore because of how updated the youth are in trends happening around the world. Although this does not just pertain to the youth, it is clearly obvious that the youth spend more time indulging in fashion compared to other age ranges.

Although there are those who pick fashion as a lifestyle, a lot of your priorities will change in due time. The rocker type of clothing is finding its way into the trend as leather and black clothing have proven themselves to be really stylish. The youth in Singapore tend to celebrate a lot of pop fashion as seen from both American and British influence although one thing differentiates Singapore from the western countries, the climate.

Singapore is naturally a very humid country and although a lot of your time is spent indoors, fashion is still very much influenced by any direct surroundings. You would not see people wearing fur coats in Singapore at all. Singapore is naturally a very stylish country, not just because of the diverse culture which is very well celebrated throughout the country but also because of the availability of fashion in Singapore.

Up until this day, Singapore still plays a very huge role when it comes to trade which means that when it comes to fashion, Singapore is also very well updated. Singapore is a city of style and shopping in Singapore would encourage you not just to look good and be trendy but also to express yourself with the clothes you wear.

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