30 January 2014 ~ Comments Off on Singapore’s Bid for UNESCO World Heritage Site

Singapore’s Bid for UNESCO World Heritage Site

Singaporeans want the Botanic Gardens to be included in the list of UNESCO’s (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage Site. UNESCO was established in the hopes to encourage and promote respect for justice, law, freedom and human rights. It has programs which include science programs, literacy programs, history projects and preserving world’s culture and natural heritage.


Going back to the World Heritage Site, there have been more than one hundred submissions from Singaporeans that want the Botanic Gardens in the list. According to the National Parks Board and the Heritage Board, the submissions are mostly comments of support for the nomination. The two boards are encouraging Singaporeans to submit responses and comments. These responses and comments will be included in the nomination profile to be submitted on February 1, 2014.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is 154 years old. Visitors should look forward to the following attractions:

National Orchid Garden


The main attraction of the century old garden is the National Orchid Garden. You will see many attractions within the National Orchid Garden such as the Orchidarium and the Coolhouse. There are more than 2000 orchid collections.

Evolution Garden


The garden covers more than three acres of land. The land is home to tree ferns and spikemosses grow abundantly. The garden presents a story of the evolution of plants through the ages.



There is a tropical rainforest in the Botanic Gardens that covers about six hectares. If you want to see the bigger rainforest, you should go to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Both rainforests are located within city limits.

There are other attractions like the Botany Centre, Ginger Garden and the Children’s Garden. There are three lakes (Symphony, Swan and Eco) and steam walk here. Other attractions are still being developed like the Learning Forest, Marshland and the Foliage Garden.

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