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The Best Places in Singapore to Take Pictures

Always wanted to go on a photography escapade? Singapore has a lot of potential for some great photographs you can be proud of taking. But forget Marina Bay and the Esplanade – they’re not the only landscapes you can take pictures of.

In fact, there are more gems just waiting to be taken that the Lion City has to offer! Grab your DSLR now and hop on the MRT to these camera-worthy places:

1. Tiong Bahru
This neighborhood isn’t just well known for its beautiful historical murals painted all over building facades and alleys – it’s also bustling with boutiques, patisseries, and trendy cafes, and what makes it more lively is the people who come to the market every day to buy fresh produce, from flowers to fruit, to even fish.

2. Chinatown
If red is your favorite color, then this neighborhood is awash in it, complete with lanterns and decorations stretching out as far as the eye can see. Here in Singapore’s Chinatown, you can buy just about anything, and the best part is that you’ll always see a good amount of foot traffic no matter the time of day.

3. Little India
Little India will definitely be a delight for street photographers, and can be visually summed up as one thing: an explosion of color. Store fronts are graced with vibrant floral garlands, and the bustling streets just scream Indian culture with every corner.

4. Central Business District
If you’re into the soaring architecture that Singapore is known for, head on to the Central Business District during mealtimes and be sure to point your camera up to get an interesting perspective on the towering offices and skyscrapers.

5. Singapore Botanic Gardens
Former “experimental garden” turned UNESCO world heritage site, this place is the stuff of any nature/forest photographer’s dream, complete with hectares of giant canopies hovering over carefully manicured gardens. Just don’t get stuck, though – they close at 12 midnight.

6. Punggol Jetty Park
This place is right beside the Botanic Gardens MRT station and also boasts of plenty of nature to go around. Once an execution site during WW2, it has today become a peaceful beach that’s just great for taking photo-walks during the blue and golden hours.

7. Bishan Park
Of course, the blue and golden hours are best captured with some reflective tricks, and Bishan Park is a huge man-made river plain just waiting for you to take some of your most cherished works. You can even switch up some unique angles by walking into the river during low tide.

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