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The Secret to Getting Abs

Most of us want to achieve a toned body. In fact, most of those who work out want to get defined abs to gain more confidence in themselves. We used to think that simply doing abdominal exercises like crutches and sit ups will help us instantly get a six pack.


This belief may not be as accurate as you think. According to fitness coach Craig Rasmussen, doing abdominal exercises alone does not guarantee that you’ll get defined abs and make their sagging belly disappear.

Doing a lot of crunches daily does not instantly mean you’re getting a strong and intense core workout. Some typical core training exercises such as sit-ups and crunches work only the muscles that allow us to flex the lower spine. Real and effective core exercises allow the body to transfer force from the lower part of the body to the upper body, much like what we see in golfing.

Effective core workouts also target the same areas and muscles that crunches work on however, core exercises cover a bigger area because it also works out the hips and lower back muscles. A real core exercise allows the spine to be stable in its original alignment. Examples of this form of workout is the plank and the push-up.


Fitness instructors observe that gym-goers achieve better results when they do core exercises as they start their workout compared to doing it at the end of the workout. The primary reason for this is it’s easier for the muscles to gain strength when they are fresh.

A strong core is essential in doing intense trainings like weightlifting because a weak core can hinder an individual from lifting heavier weights and doing more squats. In conclusion, a strong core is an essential factor in doing more intense forms of training to burn more calories, and get more defined muscles and abs.


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