18 February 2019 ~ Comments Off on Tips to Manage Travel Expenses While Still Going All-Out

Tips to Manage Travel Expenses While Still Going All-Out

Travel is no longer a luxury, but is doesn’t come cheap, too. You can still go on a fun vacation without going home broke as long as you plan beforehand, manage your expenses before, during and even after your vacay. Here are some tips how to achieve it.

  1. Load Up Your Vacation Stash

When it comes to saving for your dream vacation, the simplest ways make a great difference. Grow your vacation savings by riding public transport and/or bringing homemade lunch at work. Also, separate your vacation fund from your everyday expenses. That way, your savings is out of sight and you won’t be tempted to use it.

  • Save on Plane Ticket

How to save on plane ticket? Take advantage of discounted fares, which means you likely have to book at least six to eight weeks in advance for the best deals. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for cheaper fare that may come to surface on off-peak days of the week (usually mid-week). Keep in mind that connecting flights and early morning flights may save you a few dollars, but make sure to factor in the trade-off, like having to spend a meal, taxi fare or an overnight stay, as a result.

  • Avoid Overscheduling

Be realistic about how much you can do in a day. If you are too exhausted from trying to do so much, it will no longer be a relaxing vacation. When doing your itinerary, plan only one major activity each day. The remaining hours of the day allows you to recharge, minimize expenses and more opportunities for spontaneity.

  • Travel in Groups

When friends join together for a getaway, you’ll have more meaningful moments to share and reap the benefits of expensive travel cuts, from accommodation to family package meals every time you dine out. Agree with your group how to divide the expenses before flying. Will you split all the expenses equally, take turns paying, or settle everything upon return? Plan ahead of time to avoid chaos within the group.

  • Explore on Foot

Avoid riding the cab; they’re expensive regardless where your destination is. Walking is the best way to explore the place and experience the authenticity of a country (while also burning off the extra calories from your indulgent meals). If walking isn’t for you, try renting out a bicycle. Some destinations, like Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, are known for being bike friendly cities.

They key to effectively manage your travel expenses is to strategize and plan ahead of time—and even while you’re already on the trip. Know these money-saving tips by heart and you’re sure to have your dream vacation without costing an arm and a leg.

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