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Types of Tentages in Singapore

Tents are among the best choices of equipments that party hosts in Singapore utilize whenever an outdoor event needs security from unpredictable weather changes. Because of this necessity, tent rental companies in Singapore adopted the different needs of different event types when it comes to the structure and physical appearance of tents. This is the main reason why every tent supplier such as nanyang tentage offers a number of selections for their clients to choose from. Here are the types of tents commonly found in most tentage rental companies in Singapore.


1. Pole Tent
The conventional design of pole tents adds sophistication to the event’s overall appeal. Pole tents have elegant peaks with sweeping dramatic lines that look as good on the inside as they do from the outside. The poles are ideal for decorating with flowers and other hung décors, and the peaks lend enough space for a variety of exceptional lighting designs. This type of tent model that is also available from Nanyang tentage singapore are appropriate with carpeted or wood floors, swags and ceiling liners, elegant light fixtures, TV columns, and many other accessories. Tent rental companies commonly suggest these tents to events like weddings, trade shows, private parties, and corporate gatherings.

2. Clear Span Tent
The sturdy structure of clear span tents makes this type of canopy as one of the favorites by many large event organizers like nanyang tentage. Built with a system of extendable components, clear span tents can be modified in width, length, and height to meet your event’s specific needs. This type of tent has no exterior ropes and interior poles that may hamper in the arrangement of tables and chairs. Moreover, the interiors of the tent can be dressed with any kind of fabric or wood panels in the color you prefer. You can even add cooling or heating units to keep guests at comfortable temperature no matter the weather outside. Clear span tents are suitable for weddings, trade shows, private parties, corporate gatherings, and sporting events.

3. Frame Tent
Frame tents are also one of the commonly used tents due to its unique combination of strength, convenience, and affordability. Frame tents are made of lightweight tubular frames so they can be mounted and dismounted faster without requiring much manpower, unlike clear span tents. These tents are best for lounge areas, hospitality tents, check-in stations, and food-service booths. Like clear span tents, tentage rental providers commonly recommend frame tents for events like weddings, trade shows, private parties, corporate gatherings, and sporting events.


4. High Peak Tent
These tents are designed to offer you the same elegant appeal of high peak pole tents with the benefits of a clear span tent’s robust structure. Eye-catching and functional, high peak tents make a vibrant and impressive focal point in an outdoor event. If a single canopy isn’t enough for your large-sized party, multiple high peak tents can be connected through common walls made of different accessories, like tables and chairs or even a flat screen TV column. Events best with high peak tents are sporting events, trade shows, and corporate gatherings.

5. Double-Decker Tents
This two-tiered tent structure allows you to multiply your guest capacity without increasing your land area. Constructed with the same extendable components as the clear span tents, double-decker canopies are also available in a different lengths, widths, and heights. These tents can even be accentuated with external and internal stairways and balconies so that a single two-tiered tent can be divided into several private spaces. Double-decker tents are best for corporate gatherings, trade shows, and sporting events.

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