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What’s in the News?

Almost all people around the globe are affected, influenced, educated and sometimes being entertained by the News. This is because news is a true story of people and events that cannot be altered or edited. Apart from giving a bunch of information, news is really helpful in many ways. For instance, whenever there’s a flood in a specific town, news personnel will go to the actual site where the flood exactly takes place. This is for the public to know that the situation there is very dangerous. Thus, as a viewer, you tend to be more alert and ready at all times.


Why Gather News

Apart from the reality that people must really know the situation in a particular place, news are collected so that there would be a file for the events that might be historic for a country perhaps. On the other hand, news is something that may help the economic status of a nation boost. How? This is through press releases and other techniques that are being used by the media. Through these tools, there might be an opportunity for the third world countries to be known by the top nations in the globe.


Media Dangers

There are a lot of people say that when you enter the real world of media; you have to sacrifice many things – It maybe your valuable belongings most especially your family. Also, being a staff in media has a lot of dangers like covering a live exchange of bullets from the terrorist group and the army troop, live coverage of typhoon and many more.


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