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Where to Get Best Golf Equipment

Buying appropriate golf equipment is very important for golf enthusiasts. The kind of equipment to purchase should be wisely picked since this hobby is much costlier than any other hobbies. If you’re looking for the best and worth-investing golf equipment, here are some of the good brands you can try checking out.


Callaway is the best known brand that manufactures high-quality golf equipment.  The company’s golf clubs are world famous as well as its golf balls. In 1991, Callaway launched its iconic club, Big Bertha. Later on, titanium styles with similar names were released. In 2004, Big Bertha 454 was unveiled. From then on, several other innovative versions were launched which paved way to the release of the first ever adjustable driver, the “RAZR Fit.”

TaylorMade Golf Ball

If you’re looking for top-quality golf balls, your golf buddies will surely recommend TaylorMade golf ball. TaylorMade is very popular for its five layer golf ball, the first of its kind. The TP5 has been ranked as the fourth best-quality golf ball available in the market. In 2011, there were 25 million TP5 used by golfers around the world.



Although Nike entered the golf industry late, it has launched a number of well-designed golf clubs which golfers find very innovative and efficient in delivering longer and straighter shots. Nike entered the industry in such a way that it is definitely going to stay. A big part of their achievement is attributed to Tiger Woods as being the company’s ambassador. The star athlete favours Nike wedges and iron, fairway woods, drivers and the putter. The golf industry has been surprized by the entry of Nike which has proved their innovativeness with its advanced set of golf clubs.

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